Current Offering: January 23, 2017




Ethiopia Guji Uraga / Anchored

Milk Chocolate, Ginger Snaps, Wildflower Honey


Costa Rica Montanas Del Diamante / Transcend

Banana Bread, Milk Chocolate, Baking Spice


Brazil Boa Vista / The Barn

Chocolate Ice Cream, Dried Fruit, Peanut Butter




Ethiopia Chelelektu / Transcend

Blueberry Pie Filling, Strawberry Jam, Bakers Chocolate


Kenya Kangocho / Parlor Coffee

Red Currant, Raspberry, Raisin





Featured Coffee Flight / 3 Coffees Brewed and Served Side-by-Side


The Whisky Tango / Two Featured Espressos, Two 1/2oz Bourbons






- TEA -

We offer a wide selection of organic, fair trade, Kosher

teas by Rishi Tea and 49th Parallel.


* all chocolate, vanilla and chai syrups are made in house using all organic ingredients